What Much Of Christianity Ran Away From

by Nov 2, 2021Theme: Stages of Consciousness

Continued from yesterday…

Since your true self is a Christ-centric consciousness not rooted in thoughts, the concept of true self is a challenge to define by rational thought. How can you explain something that we cannot perceive with the five senses?

The words we use inevitably fall short, and what the mind cannot easily explain, it considers a mystery. We are frightened by a reality that our minds cannot wrap around.

Perhaps this is why most of humanity runs away from what lies deep within us. Look at Christianity, my tradition. When some of the followers of Jesus came to the empty tomb, they were afraid and bewildered. A resurrected Jesus was a challenge to their preconceived notions of reality. It was much easier to deal with death than a new kind of life. Their response to the mystery before them was to flee.

For centuries, Western Christianity ran away from the presence of God in each of us, choosing instead to follow a narrative of inherent evil in humanity. But, hidden in the Christian spiritual texts is an opposing story that says we are inherently blessed — connected with the Source of Life.

To be continued tomorrow…

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