Isn’t This A Bit Strange?

by Nov 3, 2021Theme: Stages of Consciousness

Continued from yesterday…

When fear injected itself into the human race, our minds became unaware of the divine dimension within us, prioritizing whatever the five senses communicated to us rather than the inner essence of our being.

But as the book of Genesis poetically and metaphorically describes, humanity became a living being (soul) when God (Spirit — formless consciousness) breathed life into our nostrils. Without this invisible breath – presence, consciousness, aliveness – only dust would remain.

Of course, this seems bizarre to our rational and deductive minds. But isn’t this whole thing we call the universe a bit strange? You don’t have to go much further than yourself to be in awe of the wonder of the human experience.

Remember: you were once a child (unless you are like me, and your family still thinks you are one), and now you’re an adult who’s developing, evolving, and expanding in more ways than one. You are a marvelous mystery that even the brightest minds are unable to understand. (No wonder your significant other hasn’t figured you out yet.)

To be continued tomorrow…

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