What We Do

Personal and Systemic Transformation

Path of Love introduces seekers to nondual awakening through education, meditation practices, and involvement with acts of kindness in the world.

What We Do

We create transformative resources – such as books, courses, meditations, and contemplative programs, journals, apps, podcasts, videos, and so on – to provide seekers grounding and spiritual deepening.

We produce films and such creative resources that inspire the world to deepen their connection with one another.

We hold events - such as conferences, seminars, retreats, and festivals –for seekers who want to deepen their engagement with their truest self and grow in their capacity to embody love – empathy, compassion, non-judgment, forgiveness, healing, and generosity.

We support such acts of charity that stand in solidarity with and empowers the voiceless, suffering, and persecuted.

We partner with organizations to create healthier, inclusive, and transformative environments.

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