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The less conscious we are of inner peace, the more dysfunctional we become. Darkness blankets our hearts, triggering anger, anxiety, depression, obsession, bitterness, hatred, and jealousy. Fear itself becomes our private hell…

Your path of love begins in stillness. When you awaken to that dimension within you deeper than thought, you become aware of your essential nature, a sacred Presence, the Christ within, that heals your heart, and illuminates your oneness with God and all things.

David Youngren

Daily Wisdom

Wisdom is knowledge deepened by love. Read Daily Wisdom to help you awaken to your true self and a life of purpose.

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Spirituality is not so much about having the “right beliefs” but awakening to inner peace. Listen to podcasts  to help you on your path of love. 

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Books and Courses

Our resources are designed to intensify your awareness of the Christ within, and strengthen your compassionate involvement with the world.

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Healing Stillness

Free audio of guided meditation to help you awaken to an inner, sacred Presence for a life of wholeness, peace, and happiness.


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Following in the footsteps of Jesus, we seek to express love and peace in the world. We envision a less selfish world, where we no longer divide ourselves into “us versus them.” Imagine, when we no longer see each other from a worldly point of view but as “Christ is all and in all…”


Path of Love is a non-profit organization that introduces people from every background to the path of love through teachings, meditation, contemplation,  and events…


We create and distribute transformative resources, such as books, guided meditations, and contemplative practices. We also hold transformative events, such as seminars and peace festivals, that inspire people to connect with the world in more meaningful ways.

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