Why We Exist?

A community centered around a transformative spirituality that leads to a kinder world.

When Religion Fails Us…

Millions leave their place of worship every year because their beliefs are not working for them. Two-thirds of religious believers face doubts about their faith. And one out of every five adults struggles with mental illness that in many cases is rooted in religious guilt. We see a deep need for nondual spirituality, anchored in unconditional love, that heals us individually and collectively.

Moving Beyond Doubt to Harmony


We feel lost, confused, and complacent with life, and have doubts about the beliefs handed down to us.


Complacency is replaced with detachment from many of our old beliefs, and traditions.


We mature intellectually, and become seekers of a deeper meaning and freedom from inner suffering.


We let go of identification with ego, and deepen our awareness of oneness with God, and all things.

Guidance In Awakening To Love

We cannot force a spiritual awakening, or magically make an inner harmony happen. Yet, there’s a simple path we can follow that guides us toward a rebirth of consciousness. As many traditions have taught us, nondual awareness is the root of all human consciousness, awaiting those who look deeply enough within.

Our mission is to provide resources, coaching, and community that introduces seekers to nondual spirituality, and to facilitate personal and systemic transformation through education, meditation practices, and involvement with acts of charity in the world.


Wisdom is knowledge deepened by love. Read Daily Wisdom to help you awaken to your true self and a life of purpose.

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Spirituality is not so much about having the “right beliefs” but awakening to inner peace. Listen to podcasts to help you on your path of love. 

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Our resources are designed to deepen your awareness of the Christ within and strengthen your compassionate involvement with the world.

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