When A Nightmare Awakens Us

by Nov 1, 2021Theme: Stages of Consciousness

Continued from yesterday…

The human mind is naturally cynical that a Christ-centric consciousness is possible. It cannot comprehend it any more than our cat understands why we dance to Beyoncé and tear up while watching the Titanic.

We are fundamentally incapable of grasping this kind of awareness unless we awaken to it. In the words of Jesus, we are not capable of seeing the “kingdom of God” as a dimension within us and all things unless we become “born again.”

Jesus purported a rebirth of consciousness. A return to before we became lost in thought. A return, like that of a newborn baby, to unconditioned consciousness…entering a state of pure awareness of awareness, discovering the dimension of God (love, unity, peace, wholeness) within us.

Yet, at the point of rebirth, we stand on the rungs of previous structured stages of consciousness. Having included and transcended each stage, we now identify with the suffering and brokenness of egocentric, ethnocentric, and world-centric consciousness. We see ourselves in others at each of these stages because we are one at a deep level. Our hearts opened to see that Christ is all and in all.

Most people, including those who identify themselves as Christian, never awaken to this Christ-centric consciousness. They may experience momentary glimpses of who they are and what that state of being may offer. They may even have ideas of a better life based on love, happiness, and peace. But it’s easier to reject or criticize something than to acknowledge and confront your issues. So cynicism, disillusionment, intellectual pride, arrogance, and bitterness stain their perception.

Yet others open their eyes and catch a glimpse of something bigger than themselves. Perhaps we feel a presence, experience something unexplainable, or selfless love moves us.

There are also times when a nightmare awakens us to this higher consciousness. Maybe it’s the loss of a job, a breakup, a divorce, an illness, or the death of a loved one. The sting of the night’s terrible vision haunts us and compels us to find grace to silence our pain and love to heal our wounds. That is the beginning of an awakening to your true self.

To be continued tomorrow…

Written for Path of Love Daily Wisdom by David Youngren. The post is based on chapter 3 of Awakening To I Am Love by David Youngren

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