Why Jesus Succeeded

by Jun 20, 2021Theme: Live With Purpose

The success of Jesus was not in his ability to start a new religion. Being a religious founder was never part of his plan. But the way of the famous rabbi was to reach out to the ones who were considered less and who were rejected by society.

By offering compassion and forgiveness to the adulterous woman who, according to the religious tradition, was to be punished by stoning to death, the Nazarene demonstrated how living as love creates a better world. Whether Jesus was eating with the hated tax-collectors, who worked for the hostile government and stole money for personal gain, or extending words of healing to the child of the general of the occupying military force, the masterful teacher exemplified how the awakened life always brings hope to whatever society and religion oppose.

Once, when a large crowd was clamoring for Jesus, parents with infants came to him. But since the followers of Jesus considered the little children less than the adults, they pushed them away. However, Jesus stopped them and said, let the children come unto me. Unless you become like them, you shall not enter the kingdom of God, Jesus continued. What Jesus suggested here was that the defenseless are most receptive to unconditional love because they are less entrapped by the ego.

In the same manner, like Jesus, we are beacons of light of unconditional love to the most vulnerable among us. When we awaken to our true self, we identify with the sufferings of others and extend compassion to them. Love is who we are. Therefore, love is what we do. And love is unveiled where there’s suffering.

Adapted from David Youngren, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True Self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do.

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