Where Your Transformation Begins

by Dec 9, 2021Theme: Heart Transformation

One of the wonders of our world is the process by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly. After hatching from an egg, a hungry caterpillar embarks on a constant feeding regimen to grow in size. One day the caterpillar stops its search for food, hangs upside down from a leaf or twig, and spins into a shiny chrysalis. Inside its protective casing, the caterpillar transforms its body and emerges as a beautiful butterfly.

Similarly, you are destined to experience your own metamorphosis, whereby you transform into a being that manifest the infinite through your thoughts and your form. But what will it take for you to become who you are? How can you experience the kind of transformation where you manifest your true self?

While the cognitive mind is vital for gaining knowledge and comprehension, transformation does not occur as a rational process in your mind. Transformation begins in the non-conscious, or as spiritual texts often referred to as the heart. Other words that I use throughout for the non-conscious are subconscious, the unconscious mind, and the metacognitive mind. Although these words contain nuanced differences, the variations are minimal. So for the purpose of these posts I use these words interchangeably.

When I speak about the non-conscious, I’m referring to the processes in the mind that occur automatically below the thoughts that you are aware of. These unconscious activities in your mind are not available for introspection and intelligent analysis. But they shape your thought patterns and form your sense of self.

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