The Glow In His Eyes

by Dec 8, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

Continued from yesterday…

When you move beyond your mind to a place of pure awareness of the divine union that permeates the universe, you gain the mind of Christ that is conscious of its oneness with God and all of creation. The structure of your brain is then also altered, creating new neural connections and increasing grey matter.

Some of the positive effects are very clear; such as the way your body is naturally healed, improved intelligence, and the ability to have empathy for others. A 7,000-person study in Germany also concluded that belief in oneness actually improves life satisfaction.

The Dalai Lama recalls an encounter with Padre Basili, a monk, who had been isolated at a monastery in Spain for five years meditating on love. “I noticed a glow in his eyes,” the Dalai Lama said, adding that it represented a depth of peace of mind.

As the Christ-centric consciousness continues to emerge in and through us, what was prophesied in ancient spiritual texts may be found to be correct. The earth will be filled with the knowledge or awareness of God, impacting the entire planet.

Perhaps that’s what Paul had in mind when he wrote that all of creation is eagerly awaiting the revealing of the children of God. The spirit-in-action is moving the universe in the direction of greater complexity and consciousness, where the invisible God is fully revealed in and through humanity.

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