What Happens When Love Is In Your Heart

by Dec 10, 2021Theme: Heart Transformation

Continued from yesterday…

You need a strategy and process to renew or renovate the automatic hidden thought processes in your mind that we discussed yesterday to get from where we are to where we want to be individually and collectively.

The goal is to align your unconscious mind with your true self of love. When love is established in the subconscious, then the automatized instincts, feelings, and desires will emerge as thoughts of compassion, empathy, and oneness.

You move from egocentric to Christ-centric consciousness, where love and unity with everything is an automatized intuitive perception—in other words, your identity.

Before we look at how we can experience the transmutation or metamorphosis into beings that live as love, we will tomorrow consider both the neuroscience and the spiritual wisdom relating to the unconscious, the deep mind, and the heart.

Continued tomorrow…

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