The Mystery Of How It Began

by Nov 25, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

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Science tells us that the universe began about 13.7 billion years ago with an event that has been coined the Big Bang.

Interestingly enough, some scientific theories now suggest that before, or perhaps concurrently to the Big Bang, a mirror-image of the universe (or an anti-universe) was birthed that runs backward in time and is made of antimatter instead of matter. Think of it as the Benjamin Button universe, where what happens here happens there but working backward.

I know it’s weird, but tell me what’s not wonderfully strange, mysterious, and bizarre about this whole experience we call life.

The general belief among scientists is that three minutes into the Big Bang, which began as a point of singularity, particles bonded with other particles and formed into atoms. Then a few hundreds of thousands of years later, these atoms combined with other atoms and formed into molecules.

Moving ahead about 9 billion years, our solar system was formed. About 1 billion years later (or as my daughter, Sarah, calls it in a blink of an eye), molecules merged with other molecules to form cells. Reaching around the 13 billion mark, these cells united with other cells, which eventually shaped into systems that then developed into animals and humans.

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