Attraction To What Lies Ahead

by Nov 26, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

Continued from yesterday…

What’s fascinating about our evolving universe is that newer, and even more complex forms of life emerge whenever previously existing entities unite.

The universe is seemingly relational in its fabric. As entities combine, the universe becomes a self-transcending reality that keeps moving beyond itself in complexity, depth, and unity.

By the time humans finally enter the scene, they have the extraordinary ability of self-awareness. They can observe, reflect, wonder, ponder, and analyze their own existence, and consider the meaning and purpose of life. As we have come to see, this is human consciousness.

So discussing evolution here to find our true self is then merely about an evolutionary movement toward more complex life forms with more significant and deeper consciousness. Therefore, perhaps a better term for evolution is spirit-in-action. Inherent in all things is an attraction toward what lies ahead—a deeper knowledge and awareness of the whole.

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