Christ And Evolution

by Nov 24, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

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Mentioning the word Christ in the same breath as evolution is not without challenges. If you visit an evangelical church in the United States and get the chance to speak with the pastor, ask him whether Christ and evolution go hand in hand.

In most cases, he would emphatically state that the two are incompatible. Evolution contradicts a so-called literalistic interpretation of the Bible, and therefore Christ and evolution negate each other.

So when I began to find hints of an evolutionary process in the Bible, or what I now call the unfolding creation, I was in awe of the possibility of merging two opposing ideas. Yet I knew that some corners of religion would not share my enthusiasm.

The fundamentalist’s interpretation of the Bible, even though such a view contains many contradictions, denies evolution and considers it a fallacy.

Yet Christ and evolution were, in fact, similar concepts viewed through different lenses. Science dealt with the biology and physics of an evolving universe, while Christ presented the meaning behind it, and the ultimate destiny for humanity and the universe.

For the next number posts, I want to consider evolution from both a scientific and spiritual view and present support for a link between evolution and Christ. I will not cover the subject in depth, but hopefully enough to guide you in your own spiritual journey of awakening to your true self.

Continued tomorrow…

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