The Language of Gratitude

by May 31, 2021Theme: Gratitude

Every consciousness has a language. A binary perception where greed or fear of lack is intrinsic speaks the language of bravado, arrogance, envy, selfishness, dishonor, anger, and pride. It pits people, nations, races, religions, and groups against each other. That world is scarce, egotistical, and self-centered.

The consciousness infused with unconditional love speaks a different language. It is grateful because it knows that everything in life is a gift.

Accumulating at the expense of another, hoarding for fear of being left without, being ungrateful, and complaining for the world is somehow against me, are foreign in this consciousness. Here scarcity has been replaced by the infinite profusion of the limitless source of all life.

Goals are big.

Visions are far-reaching.

Dreams are infinite.

To maintain this awareness of immeasurable abundance, gratitude is the only reasonable response to what life brings. Whether financial or family loss, divorce, failure, or a heartache interrupts life, in every situation, we give thanks because we know that a consciousness that imprisons us with fear is worse than these fleeting moments of challenges, problems, and heartaches.

Adapted from David Youngren, Beyond Limits

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