The Cosmic Christ

by Nov 28, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

Continued from yesterday…

Perhaps the next step in our evolutionary process is the kind of Christ-centric consciousness that Jesus demonstrated. Being one with the Father is also being one with the naked, the thirsty, the prisoner, the foreigner, and the sick.

Being conscious is not just being aware of self, but experiencing, feeling, and participating in the Whole. It’s seeing and perceiving life, not through the lens of the egoic, selfish, self-absorbed lens of what Christians refer to as the first Adam, but through the inclusive, self-emptying, egoless, non-dual, unifying, and love-pervading lens of the second Adam.

Love that removes barriers, divisions, and separations is at the heart of this consciousness. It’s God revealing, unfolding, and emerging in and through us.

This leads us to the concept of Christ in the Bible because Christ is more than just a singular person in history. Christ is the unfolding of the divine in visible matter, or what some would call the next step in our evolutionary process toward greater complexity, depth, and unity.

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