Who Is Christ?

by Nov 29, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

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If you were to ask people on the street who Christ is, the consensus answer would be Jesus. Some would probably think of Christ as the last name of Jesus. Others would conclude that it’s a title that Jesus was given. Although Christ was not the last name of Jesus, the word Christ is unquestionably linked to Jesus since Jesus was described as the Christ.

But where does the concept of Christ come from? Why was Jesus considered the Christ? What does Christ have to do with evolution? And finally, what does Christ have to do with our own transformation? So let’s dig a bit deeper into the concept of Christ.

The word Christ came from the Greek word Kristos, but originated from the concept of Messiah in Judaism. The Hebrew word for Christ is Masiah or Mashiah, which translated into English as Messiah.

The word Christ means “anointed one” and derives its understanding from Hebrew traditions where Kings and High Priests would be anointed by oil and set apart for their service to Israel. According to Judaism, the Messiah was a human leader, appointed as King, who would usher in a time of global peace on the earth.

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