Playing The Role of the Victim

by Aug 12, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

When feelings of unworthiness and failure are etched in the subconscious, the ego creates another false self that we commonly refer to as the victim. “People are against me, and I get no breaks” becomes our inner dialogue.

This type of reasoning creates a form of delusional superiority. “No one has experienced what I have. No one has suffered like me. No one has been betrayed to the degree that I have.” As a result, we feel special in our failures, thus strengthening our self-imposed identity as a victim.

The most common way the ego fortifies its role as a victim is by complaining, whether in the mind or out loud. We complain about where we are, who we are with, what we are doing but don’t want to do, what happened to us that should not have happened, what didn’t happen to us that should have happened, or how people wronged us. When the ego perceives a threat against itself, it reverts to the role of victim and will then find something to complain about.

Is there a better path? Of course, when we awaken to our deepest and truest self, beyond the egoic mind, the role of the victim diminishes, and we perceive and experience life through the eyes of God.

To be continued tomorrow…

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