Cause of Anxiety and Sickness

by Aug 11, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

Moments like the one I have shared for the last few days, where the ego seeks to strengthen its worth, repeat themselves over and over again in life. When multiplied, these incidents form unconscious programming that can lead to all kinds of anxieties and even sicknesses.

Scientific studies suggest that experiences do not just reside in our brains but are recorded at the cellular level throughout our bodies. These cellular memories are the source of most of our illnesses and disease. One example is cancer. Showing up in our bodies later in life, the cancer may be due to stress or fear related to memories programmed into our cells at an earlier age.

The good news is that these cellular memories that have forgotten how to be healthy can be manipulated to return to a state of peace. Studies show that unconditional love has a profound effect on our cells. We can recode our cells by reprogramming our subconscious with love; thus transforming our sense of identity, healing our cellular memories, and improving our health and wellbeing.

To be continued tomorrow…

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