Inner Peace Leads Knowing What To Do

by Jun 15, 2021Theme: Live With Purpose

When you awaken to your true self, your unique role will naturally emerge from within. The infinite wisdom flows through your spirit and guides your path. However, your actual part may not be immediately known because waking up involves first coming to a place of contentment and gratitude in what is now.

Your happiness and fulfillment are ultimately not grounded in what you do but in who you are. Once you are at peace with what is and rest in the awareness of the spirit, an inner knowing (or calling) will naturally emerge as inclinations of what to do. This calling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a lifetime call. Change is inevitable as we continue to develop and grow in our wisdom.

The calling is also not necessarily giving up everything and pursuing a life of solace or working for a charity in an impoverished area. Those are commendable roles that some are called to fulfill. But for most, the mission is a professional career that you know you are supposed to engage in. What’s important is that your purpose shines through your function. You are guided to do because you are aware of the divine presence in you and in everything you encounter.

Adapted from David Youngren, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True Self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do.

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