Embracing Your Flaws

by Jun 23, 2021Theme: The Power of Love

Intrinsic power resides in love. When you are awakened to unconditional love, it has a profound ability to alter your life. It gives you power to accept yourself, embrace your flaws, and navigate your path to the place of ultimate satisfaction, contentment and success. The insecurity that whispered that I am not enough turns to an inner confidence that I am enough and all things are possible.

Fear, whether masked as arrogance or self-pity, craves recognition, prominence and power. At that place of fear, your dreams can become loaded with unhealthy, egocentric ideas of self-grandeur and self-righteousness.

Love, on the other hand, leads to confidence, assurance, and an inner strength that qualifies you for your dream. When faced with rejection or resentment, love keeps moving you forward in calm delight, confident expectation of good and with a conquering spirit; an energy, that stares down every obstacle through eyes of kindness.

Adapted from Beyond Limits: 7 Steps To Create the Life of Your Dreams by David Youngren

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