You Act Out Who You Believe Yourself To Be

by Aug 25, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

Guilt is an attack on unconditional love, used by the ego to strengthen itself. The ego doesn’t want to surrender to love, because it would mean the end to the reign of the ego. Caitlin could not receive love or become aware of love, because the ego would not allow it. The guilt ensured the continuity of the ego’s reign.

What’s more, the way of love seems like an erroneous deception to the ego. It reasons that unconditional and selfless love cannot be the answer to what’s wrong in me or the world. So the ego opposes love through its guilt strategy.

But when you wake up to your true essence of love, that love permeates your subconscious and transforms your mind. The fear and guilt moral compass is replaced with awareness of selfless love that now effortlessly guides your actions, thoughts, and attitudes.

You act out who you believe yourself to be. Your subconscious pervades with selfless unifying love, and therefore your instincts, actions, desires, and even passions reflect that love.

In the case of Caitlin, when she awakened to her deepest and truest self – a love union with God, she was able to forgive and let go of her past. It was only then that she experienced newfound happiness and wholeness. Caitlin was able to remarry and start a family because her sense of identity had been transformed.

To be continued tomorrow…

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