Why Do People Remain Stuck In Life?

by Dec 14, 2021Theme: Heart Transformation

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Everything you do flows from your heart, Solomon suggests in one of his Proverbs. You live within certain boundaries. The heart has set these limitations. When you venture out beyond the limits of your heart, whether good or bad, it causes great stress and discomfort.

That is why we often experience physical struggles when we are given opportunities that we feel we are not good enough for. We self-destruct when we move beyond the boundaries of our heart because we are slaves to the unconscious beliefs we have about ourselves.

I have learned working with impoverished children that giving them food, clothes, and shelter may help them stay alive. But it will not save them from a life of poverty.

When a person’s unconscious self-image is entrenched in poverty, the actions and experiences align with that image. Unless poverty is uprooted in the heart, the unconscious poverty mindset will continue to bring about lifelong struggles and discomfort.

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