What’s The Source Of Your Existence?

by Oct 11, 2021Theme: What Is Love?

Continued from yesterday…

So, what is love? In short, love is energy.

Of course, defining love as energy doesn’t sound very appealing. It just doesn’t seem right to place love in the same category as your electricity bill and what you lack after running your first marathon.

But consider how you felt when someone close to you got married or had a baby, or when you watched a musical performance that moved you to tears. You were caught up in the present moment, and felt a rush of exhilarating energy run through your body. The hairs on your arm stood up. You had goosebumps, and you felt incredibly alive. Amazingly, you felt one with the married couple, the baby, or the performer onstage. You experienced what they experienced, and felt pure joy and peace within. That’s energy, and we call that energy love.

The findings of quantum physics show us that the universe is made up of energy, and that energy comes in many different forms, such as light, heat, gravitation, nuclear energy, and so on. Even the empty space that permeates the universe is not so empty after all, for it consists of dark energy and dark matter.

No one knows for sure how dark energy and dark matter work, except that they somehow intelligently make the universe expand at a rapid rate and hold the universe together.

Could it be that this invisible energy field that undergirds all existence is love—a love that is the source of all life? If so, what is this fundamental force or energy that could be described as love?

To be continued tomorrow…

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