Is God Formless Consciousness?

by Oct 12, 2021Theme: What Is Love?

Continued from yesterday…

Through quantum physics we learn that all particles and objects are intricately linked to the presence of an observer or consciousness.

In other words, matter is not so much carbon that has been scrambled together by pure chance with a few other elements, but it is life manifesting through a formless consciousness – a conscious presence, or God.

What I’m suggesting is that the heart of this formless consciousness is love. That love is the fundamental energy that generates new life and moves all life in the universe toward consciousness of unity and oneness.

This leads us to ancient texts. Long before we put giant satellites in space, before we invented the internet, the iPhone, and the television, great thinkers tried to make sense of humanity’s existence. Relying more deeply on their intuition than on scientific data, they studied nature and observed the wind, rain, sky, sun, and everything in between.

All of it communicated the ways of the infinite. These philosophers often spoke of their gods as spirits, which in many traditions also means wind or breath. In other words, they recognized that the energy permeating the empty space was not so empty after all, but it bore witness to an invisible divine spirit or consciousness.

To be continued tomorrow…

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