What You Complain About You Make Into An Enemy

by Aug 13, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

Sometimes we can get trapped in a complaining pattern, where even the most minuscule issues are judged. For example, you could be reading this post outside in your backyard, and suddenly your neighbor begins to mow their lawn, and you could complain to yourself, “Every time I sit down for some peace and quiet, someone interrupts it. I just knew it would happen. It never fails.”

Whatever you complain about, you are making into your enemy. This reinforces your mind’s perceived separation from the all-encompassing oneness of the divine. Unaware of the love that permeates the universe, we seek solace in the role of a victim—viewing ourselves as persecuted makes us feel oddly heroic. We were wronged, and complaining becomes our way of executing justice.

To be continued tomorrow…

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