What Jesus Teaches Us About Human Evolution

by Dec 5, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

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Imagine, for a moment, a world where we no longer regard one another based on gender, race, religion, sexuality, nationality, party affiliation, education, social status, and so on. If I’m as conscious of you as I am of myself, and that consciousness is anchored in an all-encompassing love, then the very essence of God would be on full display as Christ (the visible image of the invisible God) in and through me.

The exact nature of this new creation is challenging to comprehend. But if Jesus is a representation of that next stage in the evolutionary process, then observing his life through his teachings, his interaction with people, his miracles, his death, and even his resurrection and ascension should give us an idea of where we as humans are heading.

Of course, some would suggest that the Bible cannot be trusted because it’s been revised and changed to conform to the various religious power structures over 2,000 years. That may be the case.

Yet reading the Gospels gives us enough revolutionary ideas and concepts about a more compelling and compassionate way of life than what we have been exposed to at any time throughout history.

Jesus indeed demonstrates a new type of creation beyond the egoic living that’s been the basis for humanity for millennia. Jesus is a template for where we are heading as humanity.

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