Not Victims Of Our Biology

by Dec 6, 2021Theme: The Unfolding Creation

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Before we consider the actual process of transmutation or metamorphosis, let’s look at what we are learning from science about how our biology continues to evolve, even in as short a timespan as our lifetime.

It doesn’t take much insight to conclude that our thoughts determine how well we age, how long we live, our appearance, and our health. Although genetics certainly plays a role, it’s not the only determining factor. Thoughts impact our physiology, which explains why one member of a pair of identical twins can develop asthma, but the other does not. Even though they have identical genetic material, their thoughts alter their genetic expression.

Until only a few decades ago, scientists believed the brain was a static and fixed organism. Using brain-imaging technology, neuroscientists have since discovered that your brain has plasticity and is malleable, and goes through changes moment by moment based on your frame of mind.

During sleep each night, new nerve cells are born that are adapted to whatever pattern of thoughts are predominant. In other words, your mind actually controls your body and affects your biological structure.

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