What Happens When You Wake Up?

by Nov 20, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

When you wake up to who you are – your true self, you become conscious of oneness with God. You become aware of indescribable selfless love within. You begin to experience peace and stillness. And you start to become aware of the presence of God in everything.

The more you dwell in the stillness of that awareness, the more you identify with spirit as your true self. Out of that identification with spirit, you recognize your body as the temple of the divine spirit, and your mind as a tool to manifest grace in the world around you.

The mind is no longer preeminent, but serves the spirit as a channel by which to express the wisdom, creativity, and love of the divine. Since the spirit’s essence is love, the words you use, the actions that you take, and the creative expressions that you engage in reflect your true self.

You will no longer be held back by subconscious beliefs rooted in feelings of I am not enough. You are enough in every situation, because your true self knows no limits.

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