Coding Of Cellular Memories

by Nov 19, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

Unless we awaken from the mind’s illusions, we live out what our subconscious has been conditioned to believe. We will experience what has been coded into our cellular memories, even from past generations.

For example, interacting with impoverished children in Tanzania has allowed me to observe them, and conclude that poverty is more than just an external condition for them: it’s a mindset that impacts their behavior, actions, and how they present themselves.

It’s a subconscious belief that guides a child even after we provide for them. That’s why meeting their material needs is not enough. The cellular memories of these precious children that define them as poor must be deactivated. They must awaken to their true self. Otherwise, poverty lives on in subtle ways even after their lives are improved.

To be continued tomorrow…

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