What Happens When We Break A Personal Rule

by Aug 22, 2021Theme: The False Self

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Guilt is a fearful feeling that arises when we compromise or violate either a universal or personal moral code or rule.

Universal (or social) rules involve acceptable codes of conduct within a group, religion, culture, or society. These rules vary from one system to another, and will even change over time. What was unacceptable to our parents may be okay to us today. Breaking universal rules leads to guilt that requires some form of punishment imposed by the group, such as serving jail time or being shunned or shamed by the group.

Personal rules are individual beliefs about what you consider right and wrong, what your values are, and what is acceptable and unacceptable to you. Examples of personal rules range from what you are supposed to wear or what kind of people you should associate with, to how much quality time you spend with your kids. It involves anything that you have subconsciously agreed to as a personal code of conduct. Often your personal rules are shaped by the collective beliefs of your family, friends, and culture and formed in your mind at an early age.

When you break a personal rule, there is no police officer to arrest you, or social group to shame you. Therefore, you experience emotional guilt that requires some form of punishment.

That punishment is imposed by the ego in your subconscious. Some of the most common kinds of egoic consequences are fearful self-destructive thoughts such as guilt, anxiety, depression, worry, and self-loathing. These negative emotions lead to addictions, sicknesses, and even premature death when allowed to fester in the subconscious.

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