The End of Guilt

by Aug 30, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

How can we journey back to innocence where guilt has ended? For the next three days, I will share three valuable lessons about how to end the cycle of guilt.

First of all…

You are not your mistakes!

Your failures don’t define your true self. What happened in the past is non-existent.

The only way your history lives on is through a story of guilt you tell yourself, or through the debilitating emotion that the trauma embedded into your cellular memories. The ego may seek to convince you that your failures represent your identity. It naturally urges you to turn your mistakes into a personal label that you now must live out for the rest of your life.

But that’s another fallacy created by the ego. You are not your mistakes, because you are love. The more you awaken to love as your true self, the more the negative and toxic emotions in your cellular memories will become disempowered and deactivated.

To be continued tomorrow…

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