The Birth Of “Everybody”

by Oct 30, 2021Theme: Stages of Consciousness

Continued from yesterday…

The next stage in human consciousness is world-centric (everybody). At this stage, usually beginning in adolescence, a person can see reality through the third-person perspective. They are capable of thinking in global and universal ways — not just through an ethnocentric view.

Most people in the world today, even if their center of gravity remains ethnocentric, can at least think from the world-centric perspective.

The emergence of this world-centric stage in the last few hundred years brought an end to slavery; and eventually paved the way for creating societies built on the rights, freedoms, equality of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, and creed. No one has the right to discriminate against another for any reason.

Critical and rational thinking became the hallmark of this consciousness, and that gave birth to modern science. As a result, so much of what we enjoy and take for granted in society, such as modern medicine, the end to most infectious diseases, inventions of everything from automobiles, airplanes, and mobile connectivity with the world, have its roots in world-centric consciousness.

Within this consciousness, there’s, of course, a vast diversity of worldviews. On the earliest developmental side of this consciousness (often called “mythic-rational”), some still embrace strong ethnocentric values while applying world-centric rationale to other aspects of their lives.

Yet, on the later developmental spectrum of this consciousness, people take on a more pluralistic worldview, where issues such as protecting the Earth, eliminating social and economic disparity, and reversing the ongoing mass extinctions are fundamental.

While a world-centric perception is a big step forward, it’s not without challenges. A world-centric idealist often fails to be tolerant toward views that are dissimilar to their own. It stands against all intolerance, and rightly so. Yet, it usually ends up being dismissive of other worldviews.

One of the many positive steps forward due to world-centric consciousness is the thousands of charities that serve humanity and the earth throughout the globe. Many people, including those who have had an experience with God, use their gifts, talents, and resources to make life better for others. They serve all humanity regardless of religion, politics, race, nationality, gender, sexuality, or any other subgroup. Within Christianity, the Emerging Church movement sprung forth from a world-centric consciousness.

These first three stages of human development are pretty standard today. But the next stage that I will introduce in tomorrow’s post is not. It takes meditation and contemplation to reach this stage.

While egocentric, ethnocentric, and world-centric structures of consciousness develop by your intellect, the next stage of consciousness emerges through an inner awakening to your essential nature — the sacred Presence, the Christ within, that heals your heart, and illuminates your oneness with God and all things.

To be continued tomorrow…

Written for Path of Love Daily Wisdom by David Youngren. The post is based on chapter 3 of Awakening To I Am Love by David Youngren

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