The Answer to Greed

by May 29, 2021Theme: Gratitude

Grace is higher, broader, wider, and more inclusive than anything else. Vast, limitless, infinite, and unending, grace is a flow that is too big to be contained in my own world only. Rooted in unselfish love and giving in nature, grace is the intersection where humanity meets the divine.

Religion seeks to describe grace through the fallacy of dualistic consciousness. Polarizing in nature, dualism divides and pits good against evil, us against them, and right against wrong. But grace doesn’t belong in that world. That world can never make sense of grace because that world’s foundation is built by judgment, rules, and laws that ultimately only produce fear, shame, insecurity, and control. Fitting grace in there is like snow in the Sahara desert; it doesn’t belong. It won’t last, and it cannot be sustained for one moment.

So when grace enters human reality, it awakens your true self, your higher consciousness, where ultimate unselfish love is the originator, yes, the father of dreams. In this realm, effortless favor flows freely, working itself into the fabrics of life, even through pain, suffering, and setbacks, creating a beautiful new path where dreams that satisfy come true.

Adapted from David Youngren, Beyond Limits

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