Search For Freedom

by Sep 27, 2021Theme: What Is Truth?

Continued from yesterday…

While most of us are not surrounded by an inescapable cage, many of us find ourselves trapped in our heads, held hostage to negative and even toxic thoughts. We are not free. To make matters worse, we don’t even realize that we are not free.

Even if we do know that we are not free, we don’t know how to be free. So, like the colorless tiger, we are not reflecting our true self. We only show the world the drabness of our black, white, and gray fur.

We look for the right relationships to feel secure; more money to feel successful; and status, power, or fame to feel significant. We want happiness. We want our lives to matter. We want to be loved and to love without restraints. But hiding behind our pursuits is a desire for freedom from the nagging doubts, fears, and feelings that I’m not enough the way I am.

To be continued tomorrow…

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