Free From What Stand In the Way of Happiness

by Sep 28, 2021Theme: What Is Truth?

Continued from yesterday…

Good relationships, more money, being well-known, or having a lot of influence are all valid and worthwhile pursuits. Good relationships are essential for wellbeing. Money is a necessary tool for living. Influence and notoriety will often come when your gifts and talents are unleashed. But finding meaning in your existence doesn’t begin with those desires. When birthed in anything less than unconditional love, these aspirations put you in a cage because what your soul really seeks is freedom.

Freedom is the state of being where you are neither imprisoned nor enslaved. It’s the absence of being dominated by anything foreign to your true self. When you are free, you are in a state of innocence. You are emotionally and spiritually naked, yet you are without shame. Nothing is hidden, yet you are not afraid.

We often reference freedom as the power or right to act, speak, or think as we want to without hindrance and restraints. While such liberty is the hallmark of every democratic society, it pales in significance to the mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom from fear.

When your inner being is free, fear no longer holds you captive. Anxiety, worry, doubt, apprehension, panic, unease, jealousy, and all other emotions connected to fear are no longer the controlling factors in your life. You are free from everything that stands in the way of love, happiness, peace, and meaning in life.

To be continued tomorrow…

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