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by Nov 14, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

Another intriguing concept of God is spirit. In ancient traditions such as Taoism and Hinduism, as well as in Greek and Hebrew etymology, spirit means wind or breath. You cannot see the wind or the breath, but you can feel it, experience it, and observe the effects of it.

In the same manner, the word spirit conveyed the invisible yet supreme power of the universe. The spirit (closely related to consciousness) possessed with the power of knowing, acting and creating, was the vital principle of the universe.

It was also the essence by which our body is animated. Without the spirit occupying it, the body is merely a lifeless form. The spirit gives the body life and awareness of its own existence. Similarly, the universe without spirit is just a lifeless mechanical form. The spirit is the divine consciousness that gives the universe life.

To be continued tomorrow…

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