Even More About God

by Nov 15, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

In earlier posts, I described God as love, and how love is the unifying essence and the highest form of energy that permeates and holds the universe together. Equivalent to one, love is the life-giving force that undergirds all matter.

So, when singer Justin Bieber, driver Lewis Hamilton, John in the Bible, and writers from other religious traditions make reference to God as love, then perhaps they are merely affirming an intuitive perception that love is the deepest and most meaningful force of the universe.

Yet you cannot really quantify love, except you know when you are aware of it. God is love, and love is the energy that calls all matter into existence.

When we consider these prevailing thoughts about God, we recognize the common thread: God is the originator of all, the invisible Ground of Being, formless Consciousness, whose essence is Love; the Source that turns formless into form and the divine consciousness that breathes life into form.

To be continued tomorrow…

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