Looking At The Whole

by Nov 10, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

During the next number of days, we will revisit the question of who we are. To get there, we will more deeply explore the universe, God, quantum physics, you, and how it all connects.

Without looking at the whole—the universe and the transcending force that undergirds it—how can we understand who we are?

If the starting point for exploring the question of “Who am I?” begins with me, we will inevitably end up in the shackles of the ego.

Obsessed with the conceptualized self—its survival, significance, and value—we will find very little meaning or purpose for existence.

So we need to consider who we are from the widest lens possible, and then seek out a larger trajectory that brings us to where we are and where we are heading. Tomorrow, we begin, therefore, with the vastness of the universe.

To be continued tomorrow…

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