Lashing Out At The “Haters”

by Aug 6, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

When our physical appearance is tied to self-worth and self-identity, we will inevitably experience suffering at some point.

If our self-identity rests primarily in our looks, then our conceptualized selfhood will be strengthened only as long as we get compliments and validation from others. The moment we’re made to feel insecure about our appearance, we’ll inevitably experience some form of emotional letdown or crisis.

We may become anxious, irritated, or depressed, or we may lash out at the “haters.” When hurt, the ego needs to find someone or something outside its perceived self to criticize and judge.

By redirecting fault away from self, the ego tries to cover up the nagging doubt that I’m not enough the way I am.

Yet the root problem remains: our self-identity is based on physical appearance rather than on spirit. When we base our identity on our image, we give more credence to the validation and approval we get from others rather than the profound inward witness of the spirit in union with the divine. That’s why we must awaken within to the sacred Presence that permeates with love.

To be continued tomorrow…

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