In this episode, learn about the 4 stages of meditation – gratitude, peace, grace, and love –  that serves as the basis for all David Youngren’s meditation practices. David also shares about his first introduction to meditation in early 2006, when he felt an urge to meditate after experiencing excruciating pain. While wholly overwhelmed with recurring cluster headaches, David suddenly began to meditate on the profundity of the love demonstrated by Jesus. Within a couple of minutes of slumping into the seat of his car and closing his eyes, David was overcome with a feeling of love.

When the pain then disappeared, it was a moment like no other for him. The despair and helpless feeling that had weighed him down suddenly disappeared. Since that moment, David’s understanding of meditation has evolved to the point where loving-kindness mindfulness and contemplation is a daily practice for him. Thousands of people around the world are now using his Amazing Life 40-day challenge and other meditation programs to find freedom from shame, pressure, addictions, grief, depression, sickness, and every kind of fear.