At 40,000 Feet Above Ground

by Aug 17, 2021Theme: The False Self

Continued from yesterday…

About 30 minutes later, I arrived by the gate. As the flight was boarding, I suddenly heard my name called to go to the gate desk. Approaching the counter, the woman working the desk handed me a new boarding pass in the Premier Business Class section. Moments later, I’m enjoying a flatbed seat without paying anything extra or using any of my frequent flier points.

Traveling 40,000 feet above the ground, I had the opportunity to reflect on the disadvantages of complaining and the benefits of gratefulness. I’m sure if I had complained, the sales agents would not have sought to pull any favors for me.

But by accepting reality for what it is with an attitude of thankfulness, a portal of unexpected blessings and favor had opened up. I got to enjoy greater comfort for the 11-hour flight. When we remain in gratitude, we remain aware of love, where things have a way of working together for good.

To be continued tomorrow…

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