Continued from yesterday…

Have you ever…

     gazed at hundreds of stars lighting up the sky on a clear night,
     stood on a sandy beach on an island looking out at clear turquoise water,
     experienced the warmth of the sun after a chilly night,
     looked deeply into the eyes of your lover,
     held your newborn baby in your arms for the first time,

…and then been overcome with wonder and gratitude for the beauty of life?

Moments of awe and amazement at the human experience can be stimulating and exhilarating. When we shift consciousness from preoccupation with our thoughts to simply observing the universe and its creation, we are astonished at the beauty of life, and mysteriously feel connected to the world. In moments like these, it’s not uncommon to ask, “Who am I to be able to enjoy and participate in the beauty and vastness of it all?”

To be continued tomorrow…

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