What Makes You Distinctively You

by Sep 3, 2021Theme: Your Secret Heart

What is the secret heart? Volumes of books could be written on the subject and it is impossible to fathom every aspect of the heart. Knowing the nature of the heart and will empower you to experience change.

First off…

The heart is what makes you distinctly you.

Your deepest and truest self is your spirit, or consciousness. Before you knew your name, gender, nationality, race, or any other mind-made identity, you were conscious. You were aware that you are. All of us have that same consciousness. It’s our true, undefined, “I am.”

Yet, your secondary and temporal identity is based on how your mind has been conditioned to see yourself. The center of that conditioned mind is your heart. It’s where your spirit, mind, and body meet to form your sense of self. Deeply imbedded in your innermost being is a self-portrait developed through years of processing information through your emotions. This self-portrait then leads, governs, and directs your life. It is what we call the heart.

Continued tomorrow…

Adapted from Unraveling Love’s Mystery, David Youngren (2012, chapter 6)

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