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The second lesson we learn from the story about the tree of knowledge of good and evil is that the mindset of knowledge of good and evil is the cause of the divisions in the world, and is the enemy of oneness and love.

It doesn’t take long for us to see the effects of knowledge of good and evil in the world today. Religion, which is often the most prevalent and ostentatious definer of good and evil, is the cause of so much division (and even hatred) in the world.

The concept of good and evil is also commonly promulgated by politicians to place themselves on the right side and their opponents on the wrong side of issues and character. The end result is further division that, at times, leads to conflict and even war.

Then there are also more subtle subconscious ways by which we define good and evil. A career as a physician, lawyer, teacher, and so on may be the “good” that the ego pursues. Others seek fame or fortune to validate their existence to somehow become “good” enough for love, acceptance, and approval. These judgments further separate people, often unconsciously, into various levels of who is good and who is not. In other words, it opposes a transcending reality rooted in oneness and love.

To be continued tomorrow…

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