Shift In Perception

by May 17, 2021Theme: Awakening To Love

When you awaken to your true self within, you gain a new view of yourself and the world. You realize your mind has been under the control of an egoic consciousness. What unfolds upon that realization is a total renovation where love—not fear—increasingly becomes the primary guide of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

As the mind experiences this radical shift in perception, your vision is enlarged. Limitations of the past are broken, and like an eagle, you’ll effortlessly soar to new heights. The memories of the “old you” become just a distant, incoherent dream because the way you view reality now is the polar opposite from how you perceived things then.

Paul, the ancient scribe, writes mystically that the mindset of grace lifts us from an earthly fear-based perception to a heavenly view of love, where Christ is all and in all. In other words, the revelation of your true self within broadens your perspective.

Adapted from David Youngren, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True Self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and What You Do. (page 161)

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