Responding To A Nasty Email

by May 23, 2021Theme: Awakening To Love

As we discussed yesterday, often the best response to an attack by someone is silence – to not fight back. Yet, at other times, a response is warranted, but not for the sake of winning the argument.

Instead, the goal is compassion and healing for the other person. If the conflict can cause the others to pause in self-reflection for a moment, then perhaps they can search out the divine love that’s hidden within them. But even if they won’t, then you still have maintained awareness of the love that is the core essence of your being. If you are consumed with anger, then it drains your energy, and you needlessly drift away from your focus. Remaining conscious of divine love will, however, keep your heart at peace.

Maybe that’s why Jesus did not reply to any of the charges brought against him when standing before Pilate, the Roman prefect, and adjudicator in Judea. Pilate was amazed because it defied everything he, as a judge, had learned about people. Everyone defends themselves, even if they have to lie and betray a friend or ally. But Jesus remained silent when the insults were hurled his way. When Jesus finally spoke with Pilate, the conversation was not in defense, but a prompting for Pilate to look inside himself and find the truth.

A mindset of love defies our logic and runs contrary to every impulse of the ego. Yet, in the end, love always wins. Jesus may have suffered, but he still maintained the peace to accomplish his destiny. The final outcome was a new kind of life. How could there have been any different outcome to love?

If love is not the Source of Life, humanity is doomed to destruction and eventual annihilation—life here on earth is then a meaningless wandering in the pursuit of whatever the ego needs to feel special and superior. But when we surrender to love as the ultimate reality of the universe, living as love is our only possible path.

Adapted from David Youngren, Awakening To I Am Love: How Finding Your True Self Transforms Your Wellbeing, Relationships, and Whart You Do. (page 167 – 168)

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