Part 3 – A God Like Them, Or…

by Oct 22, 2021Theme: What Is Love?

Continued from yesterday…

When the son wandered off in rebellion, he didn’t cease being a son. He just wasn’t aware of it anymore. He falsely assumed that because of his guilt he was unworthy of a union with his father.

Even the older son, despite his faithful service, was unaware of his union with his father. Intellectually he knew he was a son, but on a deeper level, the older son acted like a servant, and therefore didn’t truly know who he was. Fear had distorted his perception, and consequently, he was unable to see the oneness with his father and his brother.

The fear in our minds has made us wander away from our shared oneness. Much like Jesus’ audience when he told this story, our preconceived ideas about God are based on an illusion of fear.

If we want better lives and to enjoy a healthier new Earth, our fears must be driven out by awakening to love. Our individual and collective happiness, health, and success depend on it. More importantly: the planet Earth and the beauty of its creation depend upon our return to love—a love that is void of fear and rooted in the oneness of all.

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