More Than A Mechanical Universe

by Nov 12, 2021Theme: The Wonder Of Who You Are

Continued from yesterday…

When you think about the brilliance, the complexity, the vastness, and the interconnectivity of the universe, it’s hard to reduce it into a merely mechanical universe that you and I inhabit as essentially nothing more than robots, created by pure chance.

Many in the scientific world are also coming to the same conclusion. The probability of a creative universe without some form of principal consciousness is virtually zilch.

Dr. Robert Lanza, who is considered one of the top three leading physicists in the world and was included among the Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, raised the issue in his book, Biocentrism:

     “Has anyone offered any credible suggestion for how, some 14 billion years ago, we suddenly got a hundred trillion times more than a trillion trillion trillion tons of matter from—zilch? Has anyone explained how dumb carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen molecules could have, by combining accidentally, become sentient—aware!—and then utilized this sentience to acquire a taste for hot dogs and the blues?”

The universe is indeed a mystery, and our unique place in it would be weirdly bizarre and inexplicable without some transcending force underlying the whole thing. All of this brings us back to God. But let’s leave that for tomorrow’s post.

To be continued tomorrow…

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