Meditation and Visualization

by Jul 9, 2021Theme: The Power Of Imagination

Nothing has had a more significant impact on my wellbeing than learning to quiet my mind in meditation. Quieting the noise of my conscious mind, I connect with my heart and open the flow to the source of life.

When I meditate, I focus on three elements: love, grace, and peace. Often within a short period of meditation, I feel a closeness and intimacy with transcending love that is more satisfying than any other experience in life. It also makes me more receptive to new creative and innovative thoughts. And, it provides me with an ability to focus creatively on the end goal.

After remaining in this mindful, meditative state for some time, I next develop a dream-like picture in my mind of the end goal or intent of my life. Then, while sensing the Presence of the divine in me, I see myself living out my dream. It even works in everyday, minor situations.

Adapted from David Youngren, Beyond Limits: 7 Steps To Create The Life of Your Dreams

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