Love is the Giver of Inner Peace

by Jun 25, 2021Theme: The Power of Love

Fear leads to stress, the opposite of inner rest. When we struggle with stress, worry, anxiety, panic attacks and the like, we not only disconnect from our true self, but also from the source of life and its creativity.

Unrest may provide an initial invigorating adrenalin rush to help us overcome a problem. But, it lacks the enduring temperament, the prevailing flow to give us lasting results.

Love, on the other hand, puts our hearts at peace. There we find new life, the spirit of innovation and creativity to turn our dreams to reality. I learned…

Creativity and a spirit of innovation will always flourish when you are in touch with that dimension within you that permeates with love and peace. My greatest moments of creativity have come when I was at a place of rest. If I’m worried, anxious or stressed, I’m unable to sustain performance at an optimal level. I begin therefore most days in grateful, love-filled meditation, and contemplation. It calms me, gives me energy and provides focus for the day ahead.

Adapted from Beyond Limits: 7 Steps To Create the Life of Your Dreams by David Youngren

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